Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*Kristi, this is for you!

Yesterday, at the top of Upper Creek Falls, with my guys that are still at home...
L to R:  Thomas (21), Joel (15), me (29+), Matthew (17), Andrew (19)

Andrew heads to Brussels on Sunday for a semester of study and we take Matthew to Minneapolis next week to start his studies at Bethlehem College and Seminary.  We sure will miss them and I'll be down to two at home.  Joel would have been the sole son remaining at home, but Thomas transferred to UNCC to finish up his degree and will be living at home.  We and his fiance, Kay, the writer of that sweet note in a previous post, are pretty happy about that!

*and others who've been wanting to put names with faces!

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Kelly said...

I saw this picture and thought "One of these things is not like the others." Not because of the male-to-female ratio, but because of the pale-to-tan ratio. :-)