Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thank you Father for...

281. Scudding clouds racing across the sky, blue sky peeking out, beautiful light.

282. Wheeling vultures (yes, vultures) that roost back of our woods. As they soar in the evening sky heading to their roosting spot for the night, my thoughts take wing.

283. A view out the kitchen window of clouds and birds and the song of wind chimes ringing in the windy evening.

284. Anticipation

285. Rain, heavy rain and dark skies, and a dry, warm home.

286. Dear friend, C, that shows me beauty in leaves and osage orange balls.

287. A listening, thoughtful doctor who's willing to work with me and who said, "Thanks for coming in to see me today." I am not a person who likes going to the doctor but today I really appreciated my doc and her patient, helpful manner.

288. Pray-ers...people who brave the rain and don't let car troubles deter them from showing up to pray.

289. Helpful Joel. I walked in the house after being gone all afternoon and found...clean kitchen, vacuumed floors, clutter cleared. And I didn't ask for any of it to be done. It was a gift of service, done cheerfully.

290. Dear next door neighbor who brought mountain jam today. Sweet Susan. She has blessed me many times.

"One is grateful for little things, and that also is a gain."
Deitrich Bonhoeffer in Letters and Papers from Prison

There were small things to notice today and then say thank you. And bigger things and more thanks. It is all great gain - the gratitude increasing the joy in all your gifts, holy Father. Slow me down, open my eyes, fill my heart and open my mouth with thanksgiving.


HT. Precious Ann at Holy Experience who shared the Bonhoeffer quote.

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