Monday, December 08, 2008

Not a good combo

Ok, I don't know what it is with our driveway and Volkswagon vans but it's apparently not a good combo! Two weeks ago, a brown one burned in our driveway. And this morning, a red one got backed off the edge of the driveway, down the hill, and stuck on a log at the bottom of the driveway. The driver will remain nameless. (No, it wasn't me).

Now, in defense of this driver, it was dark and there were leaves on the edge of the driveway, and said person was in a hurry with lots of her mind.

The back wheel was suspended in the air because of the log wedged under the frame. We tried piling rocks under the tire to give it something on which to get some traction, but to no avail.

While we were scratching our heads trying to figure out what to do, Isabelle and Ezra came out to survey the scene. After looking it over they were on to other things. Matthew consented when they begged for a walk. The next moment, a precious joy moment, will stay etched in my brain. Off they went down the road, tall Matthew in the middle holding the hands of bundled up little ones on either side, skipping. Matthew's voice rang out in song, "Oh! what a beautiful mornin'....Oh, what a beautiful day...."

Smile. Thank God.

It was - a beautiful mornin' that is - but we still had a red van stuck on our hill.

So, we called the strongest person we know. Fortunately, he lives very close by and he wasn't in class. He got here before too long. No, he didn't lift the van up, but he did bring a chain and a vehicle with a trailer hitch. The van was off the hill in a jiffy and Isabelle, now back from the walk, exclaimed, "It worked!" Yes, it did.

And then our strong friend asked if we wanted to get rid of the log. Well, yes, but we don't have a working chain saw. No problem. He just hoisted the heavy end of the log onto his shoulder. With a little help, the log was soon in the back of the truck and on it's way to a better home in the woods somewhere. It will no longer threaten drivers who fail to navigate our driveway properly.

Words of wisdom I offer if you are ever in a similar situation:
First, learn to back up with mirrors. Saves a lot of trouble.

Second, cultivate friendships with strong, young men who own heavy chains and vehicles with trailer hitches. They will surely come to your rescue someday. (Thank you, again, JP).

Third, make sure at least one of your children knows the song, "Oh, what a beautiful mornin". It makes a great soundtrack to a morning which isn't starting out so beautifully.

Finally, and more seriously, in the midst of it all, no matter how ridiculous the situation, give thanks. If we can thank God in the stupid, mundane, frustrating, plans changing, head scratching, annoying circumstances, we will be in the habit when the harder things come.


PS If you drive a Volkswagon van and come to visit me, I would suggest parking on the road!


Sharon M said...

Oh my Beth!! I have to laugh b/c we'd had 4 or 5 cars in our ditch over the years - just the slightest curve in the driveway makes it dangerous NOT to use the side view mirrors. Glad you got the van out - Jeff pulled one of our visitors out with his truck but the rest have had to resort to a tow truck!! The last one was SO far over into the ditch that he only had 1 tire on the driveway!!

Katrina said...

That's so funny about your Son singing! And so true about Giving Thanks. Great story. :o)