Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Our weary travelers are home! After 37 hours en route they arrived but their luggage didn't. It never made it out of Kuala Lumpur but is supposedly somewhere on it's way through Asia now and will arrive in NC in the next day or so...we hope.

We've watched the first two completed videos. They are awesome.

We are looking forward to all the stories to come. But for now, Matthew and Jacob are filled up with cinnamon rolls and are due for a good nap.

Praise God for their safe arrival.


kk said...

gosh i hope their luggage makes it. that's the WORST!

mine was lost on a direct flight... being lost when the airlines had 37 hours to move it to the right airplane is also fairly unbelievable.

i'm pretty sure some little indian kid is roaming the streets of delhi with my backpack, and that his mother and sisters are wearing my salwaars. :( ah, well... i hope they enjoy them.

Katrina said...

Happy for you that they came home safe! I just happened to be reading 1 Samuel 7 today and when I came to verse 12 it made me think of you and your blog name... so I thought a would drop by and leave a little note! You sound like such a wonderful loving mother! And hot cinnamon rolls... Yum! : )

Amber Benton said...

...and for cinnamon rolls, and for luggage being lost on the way home and not on the way there, and families reunited! Welcome home M & J!