Monday, December 22, 2008

Home, Part II...and a humorous loss....

Yeah! Erin, Luke, and Thomas got home last night. So, now everyone's here, except Kandyce. And yesterday, just before they got here, I lost my voice.

"What's that?" you say.
"I looooost my voice."
"Sorry, I can't talk any louder than that."

I think laryngitis is the best sickness to have because:

-it doesn't hurt. My throat actually feels better.

-my squeaky voice is quite amusing to my family. Every time I speak, someone laughs at me. Luke said I sound like a mouse.

-I get to listen a lot...and there's plenty around here to listen to right now.

-Many jokes arise from my inability to make myself heard. My squeaking requests get passed on with multiple permutations that twist and convert the meaning into whatever my erstwhile translators want me to have said.

-I get to drink lots of tea.

Which I am now going to the kitchen to do while Erin peruses cookie recipes and decides what we will make this afternoon. Oh, so good to have my daughter (and #2 son and son-in-law) home.

1 comment:

tonia said...


i get yearly laryngitis. i don't know why...but it is painless and amusing to everyone else. ;)

and yes, everyone starts to whisper. *hee*

next you get that sexy, smoky voice as it starts to return. *wink*
hope your voice returns soon.

merry christmas!