Saturday, November 01, 2008

Why I like November in NC

The sun slants through the woods out back in the early morning setting them aglow.

My peppermint striped rose is still blooming.

Despite a couple of nights below freezing, there is still basil to pick.

The Meyer lemon, moved to the porch to protect from frost, is bearing huge lemons that finally turned yellow. Time to make a pie.

My garden is hanging on tenaciously to warmth and summer days past. There is still purple basil and the Thai basil is prolific. A few zinnias nod above leaves touched now with downy mildew and calendulas still bloom. The oak trees are blanketing the back deck now and we will soon be raking and chopping leaves to add to the new soil of the wall garden, enriching it for next spring's planting. I am hoping to construct a hoop tunnel to cover greens and be able to pick them through the winter. Hope I can get to that little project soon.

It's not been too cold here yet. I love our long, late autumn. I love to walk outside in the morning and see the blazing trees in slanting sunlight, to hear the quiet chirping of the last crickets, to see slow moving lizards on the brick walk and back wall. Yes, I do love November in North Carolina. Beautiful days.


kk said...

beautiful imagery- in photos and in words. thanks for sharing, beth amma!

Anonymous said...

Mommy, you are an amazing photographer.