Friday, November 07, 2008

Well, he will be!


After this trip, Matthew will definitely be what the sign says. Sorry, the photo's a litte fuzzy of him. It was one of those moments when your loved one is halfway down the security line and you want to run and give him one more hug, but knowing the security personnel will not look kindly on that, you call his name and flip the camera up for one more hurried, fuzzy shot. And then you wave good-bye one last time. Or so you think...

Ten minutes before the guys were due to board yesterday, their flight was cancelled. They spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get re-routed, only to be told it wasn't possible and they'd have to come back the next day - which is today. So, they were picked up at the airport last evening and came home for one more night of rest before a whirlwind day today. After a good breakfast and a few more hugs, they flew out of here this morning at 9:55 to one US city for a few hours, another US city for a few more hours, a European city for a few hours, and eventually on to South East Asia. The original booking was not nearly so complicated but the cancellation yesterday threw monkey wrenches all over the place. They are going to be two tired but expert travellers when they finally reach their destination, sometime tomorrow - or is it Sunday??? I'm totally confused now.

We are so grateful for your continued prayers for our traveler. We'll keep you posted....
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