Sunday, November 23, 2008

This morning....

No fires. No explosions. No excitement. None.

Just chicken noodle soup with lots of rosemary and fresh bay, oregano and parsley bubbling away on the stove. Such a fragrance. Calming, lovely.

Baby napping.

Children out for a walk with Joel, the best surrogate big brother around here. (Well, all my guys qualify for that, but Joel's the only one here right now!)

Coty reading the paper.

Karen writing up her account of yesterday's excitement.

Cat sitting in the sun by the lemon tree. (You know it's peaceful if kitty is happy in that chair. He usually finds a quiet spot to escape when there are active, noisy little ones around).

And I'm getting ready to look up my recipe for homemade noodles to add to the soup when we get back from church this evening. (Note to any of our regular Sunday evening after church soup crew, there's plenty. Come on over!)

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