Wednesday, November 05, 2008


This week we send another son off across the ocean on a mission to capture in moving pictures the stories of places and people in need. Matthew is traveling with a dear friend, J, to three Asian countries for three and a half weeks.

Our friend, J, who works in one of the cities, is now on home assignment in the US. He has a painful foot condition so on this long trip, he needs a companion and assistant to help with luggage and other physical tasks. Matthew goes as a helper.

Matthew also goes as a videographer. Several years ago, he got interested in making movies. He's had lots of fun making funny videos with friends and even won a computer last year for a video he made for a World Book encyclopedia competition.

This summer he had the opportunity to help with a film shoot and sit in on editing sessions with a producer friend of ours. Then this fall, another senior producer took an interest in Matthew and began mentoring him, helping him especially to learn how to tell personal stories in film, hone his interviewing skills, and learn more of the technical aspects of filmmaking.

So, tomorrow Matthew takes off to the other side of the world with his video camera, tripod, and editing software on the Macbook to work with J to tell stories of a needy place and it's people so that others might be encouraged to care and go.

M making sure camera batteries are all charged up

It is not an easy thing to send a 16 year old off on a three and a half week journey to three Asian countries. I have thought of things that could go wrong. I have sent sons off before (to England, Burkina Faso, China, Egypt) and I will do it again, Lord willing. It is never easy, but it is always a great joy as a mom to see your children willing to step out in faith and do something out of the ordinary. If you would like to join us in praying for this trip, we'd appreciate your prayers for:

safe travel
no equipment failures
good health for Matthew and J and especially continued improvement for J's feet
good filming conditions
creativity in setting up shots
peace of mind for Matthew who feels the weight of expectations to produce excellent videos
eyes wide open to God's sovereignty and providence as they travel

Thank you for your prayers. I'll share updates as I have them in the weeks ahead.

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