Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Day included...

...a phone call from Matthew in Manila.
(hooray for Skype).

He leaves the Philippines tomorrow, has one more stop in Asia and then arrives home on Tuesday. The trip has gone very well so far. He has made videos that have already earned kudos from his viewers. One is a short recruitment film for a mission agency and the other more of a travel/documentary video (I think) from one of the places he visited. We haven't seen either of them yet and can't wait to early next week. We thanked God for this incredible opportunity for him, for all that he has seen and learned, for safe travel and good health (mostly).

...a "Turkey Bowl" at the park.

Joel was the organizer this year and not as many "turkeys" as he had hoped turned out to play, but it was still a lot of fun and there are a lot of sore muscles today.

...good food.

My first ever turkey was delicious. (Really, I've NEVER cooked a turkey before. I was a vegetarian for years and/or someone else always did the turkey). The green beans were yummy, the blue cheesecakes also a pleasing addition to the Waldorf salad for those of us who like blue cheese, the Korean black rice really flavorful (I thought). John's cheesecake recipe was wonderful and the lemon meringue pie from my lemon tree lemons was in Coty's words, "the best I've ever tasted."

...time for giving thanks.

Coty printed off several pages of Bible verses that included the words "thanks", "give thanks", and other words of expressing gratitude. We each looked over the page we were given and chose a verse or two to read aloud and then express why we chose each verse. The reading prompted good conversation about different things for which we are each thankful. Lots of recollection of people who have meant much in our lives. It was a sweet time. of Quiddler, before and after dinner.

I love Coty's smile wrinkles at the corners of his eyes.

Angie and Kay team up.

...a walk after dinner; music (Gary on piano, Andrew on cello, and me on flute); phone calls with children and other family that are far away; a little football on television; a little dance instruction (from Angie!); a little knitting; lots of dishwashing.

I loved our day. Loved the pace, the meal, the laughter, the conversation, the focus. It was truly a day of celebration and thanksgiving.


Katrina said...

Sounds like a beautiful day with wonderful family. Five Sons!... Such delightful fun! And I've always wanted a daughter. You are truly blessed. : )

Katrina said...

Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. The pay-it-forward challenge should be a lot of fun! : )
Just send me an email with the address of where you want your gift shipped, and I hope you stop by again sometime! Katrina