Tuesday, November 25, 2008

more quiet and thanks

Karen and the kids have gone to visit her parents and brother for Thanksgiving.

My amazing, cheerful, all-time greatest grocery helper, Joel, has unloaded bags of groceries and I have put them away, mostly.

The trains are picked up. The laundry basket with diapers is put out of sight for now.

Papers, dishes, crayons, and a big roaster pan are sitting in the kitchen. It's quiet, very quiet. I'm headed in there now to put on some music and clean and cook because...


Andrew and Thomas get in tonight and I cannot wait. Matthew will spend the holiday in the Philippines eating a Thanksgiving dinner with other ex-pats far from home. Oh, we will miss him. But the missing doesn't diminish the joy of having those that can gather together.

I talked with Andrew on the phone yesterday and he said he was sooo ready to be home for a bit. And we're ready, too, sweetheart.

The hours til they arrive will fly, filled with picking up and putting away, washing dishes, cutting, grinding spices, prepping the turkey so that flavors will infuse, making lists and organizing meals for the next few days. I will be in my element. In the kitchen. Good smells wafting. Anticipating welcome home hugs.

I'll share the menu in a bit but for now the kitchen beckons. And my light heart is full of thanks for the work of the next few hours.

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