Monday, November 17, 2008

Little ones with us

While Matthew and Jacob jet around Asia, those of us at home are seeing, hearing, and doing things we haven't done for a loooong time...changing diapers, giving bottles, reading bedtime picture books, cutting sandwiches in triangles, washing diapers, filling sippy cups, mashing bananas for a new eater, and more. The other morning I had to laugh at what I had just said..."Ezra, stop dumping the jelly on the floor." Haven't wiped up such a jelly mess in a while.

Karen and the kids are staying with us while Jacob is away. It's been a fun time with little people. Joel is being a "big brother" for the first time in his life. He's a good one. He cheerfully holds the baby while I change a two year old's diaper. He rakes up leaf piles for the kids, he reads books, builds train tracks, and more.

Pictures will surely tell the story better, so here are a few from the last week.

I and E have their first experience playing in a leaf pile. Having lived in Asia most of their young lives, this was new to them! Joel is such a great sport.

This was the week of the big leaf fall. We raked the front yard
one day and the next it was a carpet of russet again.

Never know when you might find a leaf princess popping up

We've set up Erin's little old desk in the front room and
Isabelle happily works in her own special place now.

"Helping" Coty clean leaves off the pool cover

Levi moved on from bananas to orange veggies. He tried pumpkin (top picture)
and sweet potatos (bottom picture). Pretty easy to tell which one he liked better.

There are train tracks winding around and under the coffee table in the living room, a booster seat on a kitchen chair, a basket of bibs on the shelf by the window, diaper pails in the bathroom, and baby spoons in the sink. There are picture books and small toothbrushes, Playmobil pieces in the corner of the bedroom, and small jackets on hallway hooks. Yep, we have little ones with us for awhile. What a pleasure it is to have them here. What a reminder of days gone by.


Susan said...

What a blessing they have been to us too.
Sarah asks all the time if taking care of Levi will help her be a good mom when she grows up.

Gary said...

What a beautiful photo of Levi with Sweet Potatoes. Good job, Miss Beth.