Friday, November 21, 2008

In praise of the shop vac and Friday pizza

Karen, the kids, and I spent all day working at their new house. Tomorrow is a day for painting and our task today was to try and finish prepping everything. Karen has been spackling and sanding walls all week. And before that, water damaged areas in the ceilings in two rooms were cut out and new dry wall installed and the old, yucky caulk was removed from the shower. So, you might be able to imagine the mess that resulted from all that work. Insulation, pieces of dry wall, mildewy caulk strips, and dust, dust, dust everywhere.

So, today I made friends with the shop vac. What a wonderful machine! I wish I'd taken my camera to give you some before and after pictures. I picked up the biggest pieces of rubbish with my gloved hands and that amazing shop vac did the rest. Woohoo! A couple of rooms went from looking like construction zones to resembling livable bedrooms. What a transformation. There is still patching and painting to do on the ceilings, but hopefully some bedrooms and bathrooms will get painted this weekend.

The kids were amazing today. They played well together, helped dust baseboards, ran up and downstairs to fetch and deliver tools. Levi (6 months) and Ezra (2) took naps in the newly cleaned rooms. Isabelle enjoyed quiet time with books in the living room where the ceiling was being scraped. They lunched on pretzels and peanuts.

I left before the height of rush hour to bring kids home for baths and dinner. It's Friday so it was pizza night. Ezra and Isabelle are getting to be pro's and helping me make pizza. We've done it together each of the last three Fridays. In the midst of all this transition for them, a little routine is surely a good thing.

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