Saturday, November 01, 2008

As we learn together this year...

I give thanks for...

248. New friends for the boys in co-op. Such a great group of kids who learn and have fun together.

249. Moms who really pour into our learning life together in co-op, who care deeply and pray fervently.

250. Help from outside, especially one very generous AP Government teacher at a top notch private school in town who has been so generous with her time and resources.

251. Joel's love of writing this year.

252. The opportunity for Coty to teach in co-op. Our co-op families are also thankful for a great pre-calculus teacher.

253. Labs, microscopes, hands-on learning.

254. Diligent sons. They make being a homeschooling mom such a joy.

Someday soon I'll write more about our schooling life this year. It is unlike any previous year and I am loving it. We were invited to join a wonderful co-op and that has made a huge difference. It has been above and beyond expectations. I'm so thankful.

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