Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's quiet here...

on the blog, I mean, not at home. I keep thinking, I really should sit down and write, especially for those of you who like to keep up with what's going on around here and do so via this blog. But honestly, I have just not felt much like writing and have been enjoying all the boys so much that there's just not a lot of extra time left over for posting.

But, to keep you up, here's a little look back at the past couple of weeks:

Andrew came home for a few days in early October for his fall break. It was so good to have him home and I think he got a bit of much needed sleep. He brought a friend with him. I am so thankful the boys feel free to invite friends to stay here.

I turned 51 - quiet birthday but a very sweet celebration that night with my small group. They surprised me with a cake and desserts, kind words, and some cards and gifts. Thanks, y'all.

The weekend after Andrew came home, Rob arrived. He's been here for a week and a day now so we've had plenty of time for great conversations over coffee.

And this weekend, Thomas came home for his fall break. He got in last night and will be here til Wednesday. Yeah! We encouraged Andrew to come up since Rob and Thomas are both here, so he and a friend (different one from fall break visit) arrived yesterday, too. The house is again FULL of boys. I will be doing plenty of cooking this weekend.

Soccer season is winding down. Joel and Matthew played in a tournament semi-final yesterday in the chilly rain. They won and play in the final on Tuesday afternoon. Great game yesterday. Matthew played forward for the first time this season (he's usually a mid-fielder) and he did a great job with a couple of close "almost" shots, good placement of his passes, and one beautiful assist for the game winning goal. I was hollering!

Matthew spent three weeks in performances of Walking Across Egypt at the Old Courthouse Theatre. The show is over now and he's back to more videography. He's got several projects ahead in the coming months. More on that in another post. He is also gearing up for a trip to Asia in early November. Stay tuned.

I've pulled out the last of the peppers, the lemons have turned yellow, the collards are planted, and the leaves are turning. It feels like fall this morning. I got up early to take Matthew and Joel to take the PSAT and now I'm off to the kitchen to make corn pancakes as the other boys wake up.

Have a great day. I'll be back soon.

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