Monday, October 20, 2008


The dishes are set on the counter,
the food is warm in the oven,
the coffee is brewing,

the house is straightened a bit,
and the candles are lit in the fireplace.
The boys are up and offering to help,
the doorbell rings and guests arrive.
It's time for brunch.

We fill our plates with breakfast casserole, spicy sausage, hot baked apples, and blueberry coffee cake. We fill small bowls with fresh fruit and pour coffee or hot chai tea into mugs. And then we sit around the table or in the family room to eat and talk and laugh and share. Boys come home, "adopted" son here from far-away, new college hallmate come to visit and get to know the family, old friends gathered, too. It's a happy mix of folks on a relaxed morning to sharing a good meal and so much more.

Not much left of cheesy potato casserole...

or cinnamon-y baked apples.

But plenty of dishes to wash. That will come later...


big kids enjoy each other,

and friends catch up.

Pictures from yesterday's brunch. Thomas was home for fall break and Andrew came for the weekend with a friend from Furman. It was Rob's last day after a wonderful nine day visit. And of course, we always enjoy having the B's here.

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