Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On a rainy afternoon...

I give thanks for...

151. Fresh baked whole grain bread.

152. Good, warm soup on a rainy day.

153. These older children, Erin and Jonathan, blessing me in their maturity, and their grace and compassion as they give of themselves to others.

154. Out of the box thinking about missions

155. A son eager to serve with his video camera

156. Boys shoveling dirt with no complaints

157. My wise, wise husband

158. Sitting on the porch watching and listening to a torrential downpour

159. A long phone call with a college son

160. The hard things in life that refine

161. The little things - not needs - but little luxuries and reminders to hold them lightly

162. Good books to read - loving Wendell Berry right now

163. A new teaching job and the fun of seeing students "get it"

164. Learning with sons

165. Reading out loud

166. Beautiful art and people who help me appreciate it

167. The smell of Meyer lemons fresh from the tree

168. Patchouli hand lotion (thank you, C dear - I do love it!)

169. Dinner with friends.

170. A lovely old painting, found and hung

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