Friday, August 15, 2008

What's happening in the rest of the garden...

Today we did no digging, no shoveling, no lifting heavy stones, no building. The dirty shoes stayed lined against the walkway awaiting another day's work.

I gave us all a rest from the wall building. In the push to get this major job done I have really neglected my garden so today was a day for weeding, deadheading, and just seeing what's been going on in the garden while my head has been turned.

I am wondering if my Meyer lemons will ever turn yellow???

And I am loving that the deep purple peppers are prolific this year. Such lovelies.

And I am a little put out with this over eager zinnia that is taking over the garden. She sticks her perky orange flowers in everywhere and doesn't mind falling all over the calendulas beside her and the peppers next terrace down. But she's full of flowers for summer bouquets so I guess I'll overlook her rambunctious habits. I just have to remember not to plant such a vigorous spreader in this spot next summer!

I weeded, moved pots, cleaned the deck, trimmed another overabundant plant, the autumn clematis that is taking over the deck railing. Note to self...move this plant next spring. I am also happy that the Lady Banks rose has grown so well this summer. But, I think she's going to need an arbor to climb on. Another note to self...think about building a rose arbor.

This whole wall project has made me look at and think about my back garden in a whole different way. I am so much happier with how it is going to look and work, happy that the unsightly sinkhole is gone, pleased to have another sunny space to plant, and dreaming about how to reclaim a couple of other sunny areas for things like strawberries, blueberries and more herbs.

Tomorrow we're back to shoveling dirt and hopefully will have the wall all done by early next week. Pictures soon....


Rick said...

Loved the shoe photo - it has an eye appeal. Try turning it into a black and white photo. I think it would make an interesting one.

Amber Benton said...

I too love the shoes. I walked by those at least 10 times yesterday (maybe more). They caught my eye, but your photo had just the right angle and crop - it's ART :)