Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Train Through Pain...

The next sermon, "Train Through Pain Yet With Joy in the Race of Faith" in the series "Running the Race of Faith to Win the Crown of Righteousness" is now posted here.

A little personal side note...the day after Coty preached the first sermon in this series he went out for his run. Something didn't feel right and he came home nursing a hurting hamstring. Every time he's run since then he's had to be careful about that hamstring. He ices it after each run and is paying careful attention to the pain signals. As much as he'd like to run farther than he's doing, he doesn't want to get sidelined by a hamstring pull.

If you listen to this second sermon you'll hear about two kinds of pain and how runners must respond to both. You'll hear spiritual applications. It was interesting to me that this past week as he was preparing to preach on pain, God gave Coty some running pain in the form of the hamstring strain. Experience informing exposition. We benefit.

Thanks, sweetheart for allowing your pain to be used for the good of your hearers.

I love you,

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Coty said...

You are the sweetest. And you post very insightful comments on this sermon series . . .

I love you too.