Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thank you this morning for...

116. Men who gather early on a Saturday morning to "care for the sheep" discussing the needs and plans for our little body of believers

117. Friends who pitch in

118. Friends who understand my tears

119. Fresh baked bread

120. Fresh picked tomatoes

121. A healed foot

122. Summer flowers

123. Cool, fresh morning

124. Husband who gets choked up speaking words of dedication over a precious little one.

125. Son who reaches out to people not like him

126. Compassionate son who sheds tears over another's hurt

127. Son who greets me with outstretched arms waiting for a hug

128. Son who sings and plays notices Mother's mood

129. Friends who come to swim and sit and talk and don't feel the need to rush off

130. The porch, the swing, the morning quiet

131. The music of chirping crickets

132. Online friends who encourage and inspire, especially Tonia and...

132. Ann, who started this Gratitude Community


Bonnie said...

We did that one year for Thanksgiving, by writing into a box
everything we were thankful for.
Yes, Ann V. is wonderful!
Is that little someone we know?


Beth said...

Yes, Bonnie. That little someone is Nathan B.

Bonnie said...

I thought so! I'm smiling!