Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The sound of rain

It's cooler this morning and raining softy. I was up early folding a mountain of clothes, listening to the news. Now my good old cat is sprawled out on the floor behind my chair and a cricket is chirping outside the window. Boys are beginning to stir, up for morning soccer practice. Today it is supposed to rain more. We need it. I am thankful for the sound of rain and imagine my garden happy this morning, soaking in refreshing water, plants perking up.

The electric teapot is on and about to boil and I'll make my coffee and head to the porch. I love the early morning with its freshness and promise. But before I go further in the activities of this day, I stop for water, living water.

I am looking forward to a cloudy, cool, rainy day. A change after days of heat and dry weather. I think I am very much like my garden - droopy and listless when I am dry, when I have not sat and read and meditated, but oh, so much happier and verdant, when the Word soaks into my soul.

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