Sunday, August 31, 2008

In everything, give thanks

Looking back on this day, this weekend...Thank you, Father, for gifts, large and small. Keep me mindful and filled with praise.

133. Rain, rain, more rain - still needed around here

134. Surrogate big brothers

135. Babies to love on in nursery, even when they are unhappy

136. Owls every night

137. A finished job - moving Joel into a new bedroom

138. My new desk and places to put things

139. Smooth, cool sheets to slide into at night

140. Rest from work

141. Appreciative sons

142. Unexpected opportunities for M

143. Foot rubs

144. A new month ahead and a new resolution, fresh starts

145. More females than males around the dinner table at lunch - rare occurence!

146. Andrew adjusting well and enjoying Furman

147. Jonathan's new job

148. Erin's extra teaching opportunities

149. Thomas's safe travel

150. Getting to speak to all four far away children today.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I am thankful that 135 shows up on anyone else's list outside my own. Thank you for loving on my little gal! :)