Thursday, August 07, 2008

At long last....

the retaining wall in front of the sinkhole is going up. The work of yesterday included finishing the excavation for the footings, making forms, and pouring the concrete footings for the wall.

It was HOT! My workers (sons and honorary sons) were sweating buckets but they kept working hard until the day's job was completed. I am so thankful for these young men and their hard work that I feel like crying. They are amazing.

Today the pallets of retaining wall stone arrived. Then came the gravel for backfill and the topsoil. All unloaded at the end of the driveway on top of the hill. There is no way to get a truck into our back yard because of the lay of the land and the trees. The guys had already carried all the wall blocks down the hill. I thought I had a revolt on my hands when they saw the dump truck filled with 7 yards of gravel backing down the driveway and they realized we were going to have to move all those rocks down to the site of the wall. Or maybe they thought I had lost my mind. Which is more likely. Nevertheless, they continued working like Trojans all afternoon.

More pictures to come but now I must get into the kitchen and make a VERY NICE DINNER for my hard workers.


tonia said...

thank the Lord for boys. :)

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see pics when it's done!