Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is my view?

My plans for the week got significantly changed when we got a call on Sunday evening from our hikers (2 sons, my father-in-law, and 2 honorary cousins) telling us that the hike was going to be cut short and they needed to be picked up on Tuesday instead of Saturday.

I had planned on a long quiet week to work on school plans and to organize my labs for the fall. I had kept the calendar clear and figured this would be my week. My week to take care of my duties in relative quiet without interruption.

The the phone call came....

As I drove the four hours out to the mountains this morning I thought about my choices. Be irritated and frustrated about the change or thankful that the boys are safe and well and that I will get to see them sooner than I had expected. Be grouchy about the interruption or see it as a good gift. Worry about accomplishing my goals or trust God to accomplish His.

I had a sweet drive all alone listening to my favorite music, two talks by John Piper, and an interesting interview of an artist and designer I like, Kristin Nicholas. (Aren't mp3 players wonderful!) The drive was beautiful - through the mountains on a lovely day. I met up with the hikers as soon as I got to the meeting point and joined them as they finished their breakfast by the river.

So now my week looks pretty different. But I have a choice. I can choose my view. My friend, Ann, captured it better than I could in her blog post today. I hope you'll read what she had to say. I'm so thankful for Ann and others who help me to fix my eyes on the better view.

Matthew, Grace, Natalie, and Joel and a beautiful view
along the Appalachian Trail in western NC


Bonnie said...

My nephew walked that trail
a year ago with two friends
from college. He took a semester
off from UNC and did it in 4 months.

I need to find an Amy Carmichael
devotion on this about views and interruptions. Be back soon.


Bonnie said...

Here's from Edges of His Ways,
Amy Carmichael. It's when things
get busy ...

Several days. First Dec. 9: "Look from the Top....Song of Songs 4:8"
"Come with Me from all that, come up the mountain with Me~ look from the top. In everyday life this simply means , look from everything up to the Lord Jesus, Who is our Peace, our
Victory and our Joy, for we are where we look. ....from the top , we see as our Lord sees, He sees not only what is , but what shall be."

and Dec. 6 ~~ about broken pieces.
"Interruptions came and broke up our plans , and the evening finds us a little disappointed. 'I hoped to do so much and I have done nothing worth bringing to Thee "~~ He will use even the fragments . He will not let even the least of our little broken things be lost."


Beth said...

Thanks, Bonnie. I love those quotes, especially the last one.

tonia said...

this is a truth i am discovering too, Beth. right in the middle of our crisis last month, i was scheduled to go spend a week with Ann...but when the time came, i knew it wasn't right to leave yet. giving up my plans of something so looked forward to was not easy...but i am learning to yield to the Lord. turns out we were able to reschedule for August, and the week i was planning to go all sorts of disruptions happened that would have made the getaway less enjoyable. He knew, all the time.

but even then, i am learning that there may not be an alternative plan that looks better in the end. sometimes i yield and rest in whatever plan He brings and i can see no good outcome at all....except for that deep peace on the inside.

rejoice at all times.


you are a blessing.