Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Giving thanks today for...

90. Time carved out with dear friend, C, for a long overdue conversation.

91. Children swimming, laughing, playing while A and I sit, knit, and visit.

92. Creative new projects to share with a friend.

93. Sleepy, tousle headed boys whose morning smiles bring cheer.

94. Husband who takes time to listen to sons.

95. Fresh foods and summer salads.

96. Visits from old friends.

97. The excitement of planning for new schooling ventures; a wonderful, stimulating co-op for high school boys for next year.

98. Rain, rain, rain! And thunder and lightning.

99. A time for rest and refreshment at the beach and the excitement of anticipation.

100. Cicadas chirring, owls calling.

101. A morning email from a faraway son with encouragement to travel with him next year.

102. Words of praise for another son from his camp director.

103. Extravagant givers in our church family.

104. Retired friends willing to take risks and do hard things for Christ.

105. Times of testing, brokenness, and fear and the realization of God's presence in the midst of all.

106. A group of international women seated around the living room floor, asking good questions, digging into the Bible.

107. Good books to read and more time to read them.

108. The splash of a dive and the coolness of the water on skin and the feel of the effort of stroking and kicking.

109. A short but sweet morning conversation with dear daughter far away.

110. Writers online who inspire and encourage.

111. A healing foot.

112. Church members with servant hearts.

113. Yellow calendulas, orange zinnias, red gerbera daisies, pink cosmos all jumbled in a garden bed together. Summer colors bright and bold.

114. Fresh basil and rosemary in abundance. Such scents.

115. Homemade gingersnaps.

Today, mostly small, quiet, family, friend, and church gifts from God. Thank you, Father, for all your tender mercies and gifts of grace.

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