Friday, July 18, 2008

Back from the beach

I am back from a week at the beach with my parents, three sons, one nephew, and friends R and S. Lots of guys. My mom (and dad, on the grill) did a remarkable job feeding us all. Andrew said that each meal was an adventure. We had hushpuppies twice and, yes, there was plenty of ice cream to go around.

The beach was lovely. I mostly sat and read - oh how relaxing - but did join the boys for some great ocean swimming and body surfing. Fun, until one big wave smashed my nose into the sand and bent my back in a way it doesn't usually go. After that I was content to float and watch the more resilient boys ride the waves.

My beach boys

The guys also did their traditional night walks down the beach to the Garden City pier - about four miles, there and back. The first night we were there, they were so eager to take their night walk together that they chanced an oncoming storm. Halfway into the walk the storm struck and they ended up running the last mile or so back in the flashing brightness of lightning strikes. I'm sure it would have been something to watch from the safety of a beachside window, but they were running to get off the beach and out of harm's way, somewhat oblivious to the incredible beauty of storm and sea around them. Mama, Daddy, and I were watching the lightning from the relative safety of the beach house front porch, four blocks back from the water and hoping the boys were on the way back. I'm happy to report, they did make it make it - only slightly shaken by their stormy encounter! On the last night there, they did the walk to the pier again, this time under clear skies, lit only by beach-launched fireworks. Plenty of pop and sparkle but lots less danger.

I'm catching up. Stay tuned for a few beach related posts. And eventually, I will get to posting over on the Wrens site (long overdue!) about Anatomy Camp. That seems long ago and far away now, but thankfully, I took good notes so have lots to share.

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