Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Jonathan is on his way to India and I confess a tinge of envy. I would be thrilled to be on that plane heading to Delhi next week. But, I will be content to travel vicariously - a mental traveler, experiencing the sites, sounds, smells, and impressions through Jonathan's eyes, by way of his writing. Many of you enjoyed following his travels in the Middle East in the fall of 2006 and he has promised to start writing again. I am eager to read. I'll let you know when I have a link. For now, you might enjoy seeing a few of the places where he will spend time.

Volunteer work at Bharti Integrated Rural Development Society and Children's Homes in India Trust and tourist travel to Varanasi, Delhi, and Agra.


Gashwin said...

Hey Beth -- I am good friends with your cousin Bill and he pointed me to this blog. I'm a native of India (and Bill visited the land with me several years ago ... and survived) and I always find it interesting to see how Westerners react to India.

Best wishes to Jonathan! :)

the Olsons said...

I'm jealous too! Let's take a mother-daughter trip around the world. :) What'd be first on your itinerary?

Beth said...

Well, sweetie, if it's a mother-daughter trip, we'd HAVE to start in Kenya since that's where our mother-daughter journey began!


ed elliott said...

Thanks Beth for the Elizabeth Elliot (she spells her name wrong) quote. I grabbed for my quote file.

the Olsons said...

Definitely! Where next?