Saturday, June 28, 2008


Our lake excursion last Friday was exactly what we had hoped for...a yummy lunch, relaxing in the hammock and swinging on Carol's amazing rope swing, lake swimming, sitting on the dock and watching a storm roll in, getting inside before the storm struck and watching it from the windows of the sunroom while munching on picnic leftovers, back out to the dock for more sunshine after the storm passed over, and our first ever jet ski rides. Thanks, Carol for a perfect lake day!

Jenn and Andrew assuming a very Chinese camera pose,
according to Jenn!

With my dear Beijing daughter

M and A with that wind-blown look

After the lake, it was back home for a Friday musical evening which extended into the wee-est hour of the morning. The die-hard singers left around 1:00 after a full evening of hymns, four or five part harmony, worship songs, piano, cello, guitars, and way more pie than we could eat!

"Abide with Me"
Lovely in four parts, acapella

Notice baby Levi in the sling while Karen plays the guitar

Yeah - it was fun...we're doing it again soon

I didn't take a picture of the eatables, but just in case you're wondering, we had coconut cream, key lime, and chocolate pecan pies, triple-berry cobbler, cheesecake, and vanilla ice cream. Very delicious. We'll do a repeat on pie, too!

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RobArm said...

Great pictures!
That looks so fun!!
(even without pics of the pie :-)