Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back home, with company!

Well, I got home from Anatomy Camp last Friday, very tired but very psyched after a great week. More to come on that later.

Saturday afternoon, our dear Jenn arrived from China, via DC where she'd been leading a delegation of 300 Chinese tourists. After meetings for her work with the Commerce Department, she headed south for a week of relaxation at her NC home - our house! We are sooooo happy to have her here. We've had a lot of cello playing (she joined the worship team and played in church on Sunday), swimming, conversation, good eating (the best gazpacho and hummus ever last night, so I was told) and foot rubbing! The week is flying by far too fast. We're off to a friend's house on the lake today and have a gang of folks coming over to play music, sing, swim, and eat pie this evening. And then she heads back tomorrow. These visits are never long enough. (sigh)

Needless to say, I have had little time to write, but next week will find me at my desk. I do want to tell you about Anatomy Camp, and I have a blog post to write for the Charlotte Mason/Childlight USA blog on Masterly Inactivity, which was what my talk was about at the conference. And school planning and letters to write....

But for now, I'm off to pack a picnic lunch for the lake.

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The Glasers said...

Welcome back!!!

We want to read all of the gory details about anatomy camp! LOL!