Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The appliance man

I just got off the phone with the appliance repair man. My conversation with him reminded me of something I love about the South and of the way our words and tone can bless...

Telephone rings.....
Me: Hello.

Mr. Fix-it (who is a white haired gentleman): Hi, this is Mr. --- of --- Appliance Service. I believe your husband left me a message yesterday about your ice maker.

Me: Oh, yes. Thanks for calling. How are you?

Mr. Fix-it: I'm doin' fine, darlin'. I hope you are having a good day today.

The conversation continued, but you know, that little sentence in his soft accent made me feel like he really did care that I was having a good day. It made me smile. He went on to tell Coty what to do to determine what's wrong with the ice maker. Coty got off the phone and said, before I could get a word out, "He sure is a nice man."

A little conversation...full of kindness....and now, one day soon, we'll have ice again!

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