Friday, May 23, 2008

We're home!

Talk about hitting the ground running. We drove for 13 hours yesterday and rolled in the driveway just in time to grab shin guards and head back out the door for soccer try-outs for Joel; songs from Hairspray, a musical offering by the high school musical theater class at Old Courthouse for Matthew (he was in the audience, not the cast this time); a rehearsal for playing his cello in a wedding this weekend for Andrew; and a visit to a special person for Thomas. I hung out at the soccer tryout while Coty got some much needed rest. He did, after all, do ALL the driving - all 13 hours! Thanks, sweetheart. It was a little crazy to arrive home after being away for a week and turn right around and get back into the car. But it all worked out fine and we knew it was all coming and we didn't want to shorten our time with Erin and Luke and leave earlier, so it was worth it.

Today has been quiet and calm with loads of laundry to do, some back to school work for three boys, and some work on the conference talk for me. Andrew is at another prom tonight - his second this spring. Thomas left a couple of hours ago to go to camp for the weekend to work on his lifesaving certification. Joel is just back from the second night of soccer tryouts and Matthew and I have enjoyed the quiet here this evening. I guess it still sounds like there's a lot going on. I suppose there always is - but it has been so peaceful here today as we get unpacked and settle back in. At least that's how it has felt for me. I've been moving slowly and deliberately today.

Here's a little more on our trip. After graduation, we enjoyed another night with Jonathan and then headed out to Hoosick Falls to see Erin and Luke. Our time there included cleaning out their storeroom and priming the insides of a few drawers and cabinets, a trail ride with Erin on a gorgeous day for Matthew and me, visits with old friends and walks to old haunts, a family movie outing, lots of hugs, shoulder and foot rubs and just good times together. Of course, Coty read to us all as we sat around the table in Erin's kitchen. Our current read-aloud is Bleak House by Charles Dickens and we have all decided that Coty is a much better reader than the lady on the Librivox recording that we listened to in the car. We all told him that someday he should do a recording of a Dicken's novel. He is such an excellent out-loud reader. Voices and expression, proper emotion and pauses in just the right places. We all agree! Not only do you do all the driving, but you do the best reading. Again, thanks sweetheart!

Here are a few pictures from the trip:

The view across the road from Erin's house.

The barns at the back of the neighboring field.

Big boys making delicious pizzas for dinner in Erin's kitchen.

Joel and Andrew exploring the Green River - behind our old house.

Broad Brook - one of Coty's favorite places in the whole world,

and the rocks in the brook where he used to go to pray.

After visiting these places, it's always rather hard for me to come back to suburbia. It is so beautiful and so non-cookie cutter in this particular part of New England/New York. But even as we enjoyed the joys of that old home, we talked of what we love about where we are now. And when we stepped out of the car last night, we breathed in the sweet smell of southern spring and felt the warmth of a North Carolina May evening. So, really, I do feel incredibly blessed...sometimes just about full to bursting with family, these places, these friends - old and new. It was a good trip. And it's good to be home again.


Jen Unsell said...

Very beautiful! I have an aunt and uncle that have a summer house in NY and their pictures remind me of these. Beautiful state!

Mary said...

Well, if you can't live here just now, we sure do like it when you come to visit!
Mary in Petersburgh, NY