Friday, May 09, 2008

Taking the plunge - Day 2

I skipped a couple of days - just not enough time - but yesterday took the plunge again. The water was colder!!!! Andrew was swimming laps at the same time and urged me in as I stood, wavering on the edge, my mind back and forth, "Should I dive, not yet. Now, oh, I don't know. It's gonna be cold. Yes, no, yes, no."

"Just jump in," he coaxed, "you'll warm up quickly."


"Oh, my goodness, it's cold!!" Stroke, stroke, kick, kick, no breath all the way to the edge, turn quickly, swim hard. And finally, after a couple of laps, the breathing evens out and the rhythm slows and the blood is pumping and the body warmer and I glide, back and forth, back and forth, the length of the short pool, having to stop and turn way too soon, but it's better than not swimming. I love very long pools where you swim forever before having to turn. But this will do. Very nicely.

I added a minute to my swim time. Just a little more each time as I build up slowly. In addition to the swim, I'm doing my crunches and yesterday added a teensy bit of lifting with the weights. The boys in the garage playing ping-pong remarked with surprise, "Are you going to bench press!?"

Well, I don't know if you call lifting 10 pounds bench pressing. Do not laugh, younger male readers with big muscles. It's a small start and mainly to give me weight bearing exercise to keep middle-aged bones from becoming brittle. And I have to start small and go slowly so that I can keep going for the long haul.

I am thankful for the encouragement my husband and sons give me to exercise. I know this body is aging. "Outwardly wasting away," wrote the apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 4:16). But as long as I have breath, I am called with all believers to "glorify God in my body." (1 Corinthians 6:19). Surely this means not just avoiding the negatives (sexual immorality and harmful excess in eating and drinking) but also making the positives, exercise and healthy eating, a part of my daily routine.

For far too long, I have been on again/off again in both eating and exercising. I am striving for more consistency in this area - and in others. How about you?

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