Monday, May 05, 2008

Taking the plunge - Day 1

This may be the earliest I have ever taken the the backyard pool, that is. I am not a polar bear like the men in my family. I like the air to be hot and the water at least not freezing when I swim. I usually wait til sometime in June to go in. But I decided to be brave today. Several folks were in the pool yesterday afternoon and said it was nice. So, I gave it a go this afternoon.

It took me about two minutes of strenuous swimming to get over the shock of the cold water. Yes, family member reading this, I know I am a wimp when it comes to water temperature. But aren't you proud of me for not jumping right back out. New goggles, nice and snug, and sunshine, nice and warm, were strong incentives. I swam for 15 minutes and enjoyed the last 13 minutes immensely. I know, I know, that's not very long, but I'm building up and babying my shoulder a little. Don't want swimming to make it freeze up again.

Ah, swimming makes you feel like nothing else. Tired, energized, hungry! It was great. Can't wait for tomorrow afternoon's swim. Wonder how many days in a row I can keep it up?! We'll see....

Another benefit of exercise is that is always makes me feel like eating very healthy food so tonight's dinner was sauteed peppers (3 kinds - poblano, hungarian wax, and red bell) plus onion, tomatos and corn with lots of chili powder and coriander. Only thing missing was cilantro but I was out. This colorful saute went over brown rice with a tall glass of cantaloupe smoothie on side. The smoothie had cantaloupe, mint, banana, apple, buttermilk, lemon juice, ice, and just a little sugar. Very refreshing.

Oh yeah, summer's a comin'!

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