Saturday, May 24, 2008

A plug for farrier services and cowboy gear

One of the things I enjoyed while we were in NY state was watching my son-in-law, Luke, at work. He is something of a jack of all trades - or at least many trades - but his favorite pursuits these days include his work as a farrier and his growing business making custom tack. Whether he is shoeing a horse or stitching a pair of chaps, he is a craftsman. The quality shows in all he does. Enjoy a few pictures of him at work in the barn and in the shop at home. If you ever have a need for farrier services (in and around Hoosick Falls, NY) or a need for a very special item of custom tack (anywhere in the world!), I'll leave a link in the sidebar.

This is what a farrier does...

And this is the workshop of Luke's custom tack business,
Cuero Buckaroo Gear. Check it out!

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Jen Unsell said...

The kids want to go to NY now to see Luke in action in person.