Monday, May 19, 2008

On a picture perfect New England spring day...

...the chairs were lined up on the quad and flags waved in the
breeze as families and friends gathered.

The band tuned up...

The faculty lined up and headed toward the quad,

followed by robed graduates, marching in by departments.
When the students neared the seating area, the orchestra
launched into the familiar and moving strains of
Pomp and Circumstance.

Jonathan's Graduation day from Gordon College.
Looks like he was enjoying it!

He graduated Summa Cum Laude with
Departmental Honors in International Affiars.
Lots and lots of hard work (especially this last year as he
completed his research and wrote a senior thesis)
was honored on this day.

He celebrated with two of his roommates, a dear friend, and many others...

including his brothers...

and sister. Erin graduated two years ago and
enjoyed visiting with professors and friends
from her time at Gordon.

Bapa and Grammie, Coty's parents, joined us for the celebration.
We were all so thankful for a sunny beautiful day.

And, of course, Coty and I were thrilled and thankful for all that
Jonathan has accomplished by God's grace and mercy
and in His strength these last four years.

J stays in the Gordon area for a few weeks before heading to India to work in an orphanage and travel for a few weeks. Back to Boston for the fall and then to Cairo after Christmas
to work as the Residence Life and Program Intern for the
Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities
Middle East Studies Program.

Congratulations, sweetheart!! More adventures ahead...

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