Monday, April 07, 2008

Thankful for...

...words, spoken these last few days that have made my heart sing. On my way to 1000, these comments remind me of some of God's good gifts given in and through my church family.

67. In our international women's Bible study on Friday night one of the women spoke of the contrast of her life in her home country which was full of rushing about, noise, and busy-ness. As she spoke about changes in herself during the time she has been here in the states, she said, "I can hear my voice in my heart." Thank you, Father, that this dear one is listening. And thank you that such a Bible study is possible because of faithful people who serve selflessly week in and week out to make Global Cafe happen.

68. At our church business meeting on Sunday night our treasurer said, "When I look at my computer and see the numbers I feel like crying. You people are giving like crazy people." Thank you, Father, for cheerful, generous, crazy givers and for a treasurer (and his wife) who sacrificially serve.

69. Also at our business meeting, the chairman of our missions team said, "What a privilege to support our missionaries!" Thank you, Father, for a church where "missions" is central, for people who labor to keep it central, for people who ask how soon they can start giving for the special missions offering, and for amazing and abundant opportunities to go and to serve as senders.

My heart is pretty full tonight of thankfulness for our church and for the way God is working through weak, flawed, sinful people simply seeking to be faithful to the calling of God in their lives. I am also very thankful for people who take very seriously our church covenant which binds us together in this local body. You DGCC readers, I hope you know how very thankful I am for each one of you.

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