Friday, April 18, 2008


Two big surprises this week.

On Wednesday night, Thomas called. (no, that's not the surprise). We all talked with him, passing the phone from one to another for close to an hour. Gary, who was over after Bible study, was the last person to talk with him and while they were talking the back door opened and in walked......Thomas!!!!!

"What are you doing here?!" was the surprised chorus.

He has a training session at Camp Caraway this weekend and had to take off his Friday classes. Since he doesn't have any Thursday classes, he was able to borrow a car from a friend and leave on Wednesday evening, arriving here around 11 that night. We had fun surprising Coty the next morning when he returned from his trip to Portland. Dressed in Matthew's red-striped hoodie, Thomas put his head down on the table and pretended to be Matthew. When Coty arrived he walked over and patted who he thought was Matthew on the back. What a shock he got when Thomas lifted his head and said hi! If you're thinking Coty looks a little bleary eyed in the picture, it's because he came home on the red-eye from Portland and got very little sleep!

Thomas will be at camp from Friday afternoon til Saturday evening. Back home for Sunday and then back to Covenant for a couple more weeks to finish up his freshman year. It seems like a very short time ago that I wrote about taking him to school. Just one more day of classes and a few exams and he's done with his first year. Wow, it flew by!

Friday night we received another surprise when we got home from Global Cafe. Coty and I turned onto our street and saw a car parked in front of our house. "That looks like Rob's car!"

Sure enough it was. We walked in a found Rob hanging out with the boys. What a treat to have him for a short visit. He's headed back up to NY early Saturday with a car packed full of stuff to move into his 200 square foot Manhattan apartment. Ooooooh, we're gonna miss that boy!

If you're thinking he and I look bleary-eyed, it's because Coty, Rob, and I stayed up late Friday night talking. Rob stayed at our house overnight and then this picture was taken Saturday morning when we all got up early - Pinckneys to head to a soccer tournament and Rob to New Jersey.

I would like to stop the clock just for a bit and keep my house full of sons and honorary sons! I'm not liking all this leaving. But I know that's the way it is going to be for the next few years. Young men growing up and heading out into the world, new schools, new jobs, new homes. And really, I am glad for them. It's just that they take a bit of my heart wherever they go and I miss 'em like crazy!

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