Thursday, April 24, 2008

Off the needles

At last, my linen shawl is off the needles and over my shoulders! I was so eager to finish this and wear it and it seemed to be taking forever. I guess that's because I was impatient! But really, I suppose it didn't take too long when I recall that since I started it we had Christmas and boys home, two different college spring breaks and boys home, and Easter and everybody home. Of course, during those times, I did more cooking and less knitting!

I must say, I love, love, love this shawl! It's the perfect weight and drapes beautifully. The linen yarn lost some of its stiffness in the handling and knitting, and with subsequent washings and frequent wear it will get softer and softer.

Funny little story. I wore the shawl last Friday to the Bible study that I lead for international women. They ooohed and ahhhed and shared my delight in this finished project. Then on to our discussion. While considering the impact of the excellent wife on her husband in Proverbs 31, one of our Taiwanese women, reading ahead, blurted out, "Oh, she wears linen and purple! Your shawl!" I had to admit that I hadn't made any bed coverings lately (Proverbs 31:22) and that I fall far, far short of that excellent woman. But now, thanks to Yi-chen, I think I will call my new wrap "The Proverbs 31 Shawl" hopes of becoming such a woman!


Jessica said...

Beth, it's absolutely stunning and it suits you perfectly! Simply beautiful!!!

Jen Unsell said...

It's beautiful Beth!

carla said...

wow!!! You already know how much I love the shawl...and how it feels to have it draped around one's shoulders! The photos are lovely! You look quite beautiful wrapped in it! Also tell the photographer..."nice shots and great composition!"

Bonnie said...

Lovely shawl! You inspire me!


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

The shawl is beautiful.
But you are more so.

Your hair! Stunning!

You exude the quiet, inner beauty of a Proverbs 31 woman....

Beth said...

Thank you, all of you. You are too kind!

I had to chuckle at the hair comment. I have never colored my hair. I'm just going gray in a not so bad way, thankfully. My oldest son once said, "Mommy you have so much gray hair you're a blond again." And people often think it's frosted. Nope, never, not ever!

And I don't pay big money for haircuts either. I went the time before last to an expensive place because someone gave me a coupon and it was the worst haircut I've had in a loooong time. So, back I went to my local Great Clips to the sweet country lady that likes to garden as well as cut hair and she gave me just what I wanted! A good cut and down home conversation. So, I do my hair on the cheap - no special products, no special anything. I just thank the Lord for the blessing of easy hair since I spent much time in earlier years worrying about it, fussing with it, and wishing it was different. Now I'm content. But thank you all for your sweet comments.


tonia said...

You are so. beautiful.

and the shawl...oh my. I love it, love it.

I quit coloring my hair about six months ago...getting used to the gray threads weaving through it...not so bad. And I have left my big-city hairdresser behind. My hair does NOT look as good as it used to, but I am really hungry for a simpler, more natural lifestyle and I think the price for that may include beautiful hair. :)

Oh well. I enjoy having less demand on my checkbook and the grayish hair is growing on me.

You inspire me!