Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chard, anyone!

That armful of Swiss chard cooked up into a lovely addition to our dinner of black beans and rice last night. Despite his skeptical look, Matthew enjoyed them and Coty couldn't stop saying, "Mmmmm...these greens are good!"

I sauteed an onion and some minced garlic, tossed in the chopped greens and a little water and cooked til they were just soft. A dash of balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt and they were just right. I also tried a recipe using the chard stems. I didn't use as much butter as the recipe calls for and used half and half instead of cream. And we were eating rice, not pasta. But the stems were good...and pretty. Not as pretty as when they're fresh, but still a lovely addition to the plate.

I do get great pleasure out of picking the greens right out of the garden shortly before dinner and cooking them in simple ways. They are so good and so good for us. Makes me happy to serve my family something this easy and healthy. My current motto for gardening is plant more greens!


the Olsons said...

Those bright red stems remind me of my rhubarb plant which, although the leaves look like something has been munching on them, is about ready to pick and turn into rhubarb pie or cobbler. Should be just about perfect picking when you're here, yay! :)

Beth said...

Well, you don't eat the rhubarb leaves anyway so I guess it's not too bad if they're getting munched a little. Mmmmmm, rhubarb cobbler...haven't had that for awhile!