Saturday, April 19, 2008

And another good-bye

When you are cooking for someone very special and you know it will probably be a long time til you cook for them again, you want it to be a meal to remember. Not because it was the absolute best food they ever ate, but because in every bite there was love.

I hope that my dear, dear friend Amanda tasted the love in every bite of rotisserie chicken, rosemary potatoes, field peas, roasted broccoli, romaine salad with strawberries, and homemade rolls. I hope the peach cobbler and sweet tea will remain a little delicious memory of her southern sojourn - a sojourn which touched and changed forever the lives of so many. Oh, Amanda, you have blessed us immeasurably. A meal is a very small but very heartfelt thank you.

I realized yesterday how very much I wanted to be able to cook one more meal for Amanda and I'm so glad she and Sue were able to come over and eat tonight, even though there was still packing and cleaning to do before their heads could touch their pillows tonight. I'm so glad the day transpired so that we could sit around the table and eat and talk and laugh and hug at the end and say one more time on a Saturday night, "See you in the morning!"

We will miss Amanda so much. But I know, Lord willing, that our lives will continue to be woven together. So, for tonight, I give thanks for my dear friend and look forward to more sweet times around the and in Minneapolis!

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amanda said...

Oh, Beth …

The entire meal/evening was one big Pinckney hug. I relished every “loving” bite of your Southern spread!

Because I had never had broccoli prepared that way, it stood out. Absolutely the best I have ever had. With your peach cobbler, I maintain the sentiment of last night when I suggested that we all ought to observe a moment of silence as we partake. My “last [Charlotte] supper” was a precious gift indeed. Thank you.

As an aside … just after getting ready for bed here at the Days Inn in Corbin, Kentucky, I poured over the DGCC family scrapbook and read every note and letter (now that I have it back from the “workshop”!). Though agonizing to say the good-byes this morning at church, tonight I fall asleep in a blanket of love …