Saturday, April 05, 2008

After the rain

I love to walk in gardens after rain. Every flower and bush is vibrant, refreshed by a good drink. The air is sweet, washed clean and perfumed, and the birds are busy searching the ground for earthworms that have come up for air from rain-flooded burrows.

So, this morning after last night's storm,
Memorial Garden was particularly beautiful.

The tulips were decked out in raindrop jewels...

and the fountains were full and singing. I have never particularly
noticed the music of the large fountain in the center of the
formal tulip display, but today the water
spilled and splashed down in a melodic

And oh my, the tulips. Yep, they're bloomin', all right! If you plan to see
them this year, you'd better go soon.

There are other fountains in the garden. This is my favorite. I love the way the water flows down over the stoneware sphere into the deep bowl of the fountain and I love its placement between two massive rosemary bushes.

And this lion head fountain, that greets you as you enter
the iron gate. Notice the colors of the stones...
I never had before this year. I think the
cloudy day made the colors of the wet
stone appear deeper and richer.

It is a garden of contrasts that work.

The Lenten roses, serene amidst a...

riot of color!

New neon growth on English boxwoods...

near gnarly, twisted sturdy Confederate jasmine vines.

Snowy bank of azaleas...

overlooking pastel masses of tulips.

Please, if you live here, do take some time and go visit this garden...this week!
And if you don't live close enough to visit Memorial Garden,
then find a garden near you and experience spring.

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Missy said...

Beth-- thank you for contacting me. I have been away from the blog, feeling unwell for some time, and just got the diagnosis of mono from my doctor, so weeks more of rest and fluids.

But I am DELIGHTED to hear your son's good news from Furman-- you must be very proud of him! I have twin nieces who just received good news from Admissions and Financial Aid as well. Happy to hear that you may be frequenting our lovely Upstate.

Please keep me updated through the blog, and blessings to you.