Sunday, March 16, 2008


I stayed up til 1:30, glued to the webcam because after the foal was born at 10:27 he seemed to have trouble standing. When I finally went to bed, he was 3 hours old and still had not stood on his own or nursed. He kept trying to stand but could only do so with helping human hands. I sent an email off to Erin and shut down the computer, wondering if he was OK.

When I got up this morning, I had a reply from Erin:

It's 2:45 and we just got home - it did take a long time for the foal to stand and he still hasn't nursed on his own, but he got over 20oz of bottled colostrum in him, some of which we had milked out of Bella, so he's full for now. It took him so long because he's very big, has really long legs, and his front fetlocks are slightly deformed, but they will straighten out within a couple of days. He's getting up and down and walking fine on his own now, so nursing shouldn't be a problem.

His name is Bailintin, which is an Irish name and means "valiant" - it fits him already, because he tried so hard to get up and didn't give up! We'll call him Bailey for short. He's absolutely adorable and gave a couple little whinnies that just melt your heart! I could've stayed and watched him all night, but we're going to bed now so I can teach Sunday School in the morning, then we'll probably come home and sleep some more!

And on the webcam this morning, I have watched Bailey and Bella, baby and mama, and they look just fine! He was standing on long wobbly legs and nursing and she looked like a beautiful, calm, attentive mama. I hope if you take a look, the webcam will be on and you'll get to see this valiant little foal and his mama.

Two Sunday School classes, one at an old country church in NY state and one at a church on a college campus in NC, will have sleepy teachers this morning!

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