Sunday, March 30, 2008

A reminder

Months ago, I started my own list, with Ann's encouragement. This morning I catch up and continue, again with her encouragement, going all the way back to gifts I wrote in my little blue, ribbon bound journal back in January of this year....

43. Early morning twittering of nuthatches and chickadees as they make their first forays to the feeder.

44. A light breeze, the sound of drops on leaves and then the feel of drops on my face.

45. The barely discernible brightening of the sky and a break in the clouds to reveal patches of blue.

46. Good bread and real marmalade.

47. A new book to read at breakfast (back in January - now finished) the story of a faithful woman, Helen Roseveare.

48. The delightful imaginary play of a four year old who has the MOST expressive eyes I've ever seen.

49. The most accomodating, sweet and also imaginative fifteen year old who played happily with the four year old for over an hour and was even willing to be called "Alicia" (thanks, Matthew)

50. Rain! (and there's been more since for which to give thanks).

51. The completion of college applications for the fourth time (back in January and now waiting for one more school to reply and then the weighing and deciding).

52. Four long, great weeks with Jonathan. I am so thankful for a son who desires to follow Christ and asks hard questions, not content with easy answers.

And for today, March 30...

53. More family time yesterday. Erin and Luke came back from the beach and we got more time with them. Every minute is precious.

54. Painting in watercolors. We've been saying we were going to do it for a long time. Yesterday, on a slower than normal Saturday, we did. Thanks, Gary. I'm encouraged and want to keep going...

55. Healing - my shoulder is better. It was a joy to be able to do mundane tasks like washing the kitchen floor, running the vacuum, and cooking a nice meal yesterday.

56. A rare slow Sunday morning. We are having a joint worship service with another church this morning so we don't have to arrive early to do our normal church plant set-up today...and their service starts at 11. So, I have time to slowly rise and drink coffee, read and write, and see my loved ones off.

57. Running into a friend in the grocery store yesterday afternoon. It's a small thing, but I am thankful when I have points of connection with friends in the normal course of daily life.

58. A son who blesses family and friends with excess from his job - good bread all around today.

59. Two baptisms this afternoon.

60. A day to worship in freedom and a heart more ready to worship this morning.

This is the day that the Lord hath made...
let us rejoice and be GLAD in it!


Amber Benton said...

It's been fun catching up on your blog, and I finally got a bit caught up on my own! It is true, I love running into people I know. It makes Charlotte feel smaller, a bit like 'home'!!

wes mcmurray said...

Oh, now I see and I love to read your comments! I want you to write a book one day Beth Pickney!
Love you,