Saturday, March 08, 2008

The past week has included..., football, Dutch Blitz, busting up concrete, laundry, cooking, late nights, teasing, laughing, friends over, more cooking, jokes, prayers together, bagels, more soccer, more cooking, movie making, French conversation, haircuts, dish washing, even later nights, even more cooking, medical appointments, talk around the table, laughter floating upstairs late at night, wrestling, tickling, hugging, and yes still more cooking. Thomas and his friends, Gareth and Justin, have filled the house with their energetic presence - except early in the morning when they enjoy the luxury of spring break sleeping-in after aforementioned late nights. Tomorrow the college boys head back to school. It's gonna be QUIET!

A friend who was over this week noticed my smile as I prepared dinner one night and remarked that I really like it when my house is full. Yes, I do. I love the activity. I love having these young men, these fine young men, who are thoughtful and polite, serious and funny, around the house all week, helping with the dishes, playing games together, having long conversations, acting like they belong here and saying they'll be back. They just fit right in.

One night this past week we had 14 around the table. Another night 13. In addition to the two extra "sons" for the last ten days, we had lots of other company - cousin Kennan for two nights, and lots of others, Albert and Sky, Amanda and Jeff, Michelle and Vera, Gary, Rob, Josiah, Jedd, Kaye, Barbara, Sara, and more...a pretty constant stream flowing through the house all week. Oh yea, it's gonna seem so QUIET next week!

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tonia said...


your home sounds like a paradise...a loud one...but a paradise nonetheless.

glad to think of you smiling and enjoying all God's given.