Monday, March 31, 2008


To google is to search for a website on Google.

To facebook someone is to contact them via Facebook.

To beth is to take fresh ginger and turn it into gingersnaps. To be bethed is to arrive at the Pinckney home one day and see fresh ginger sitting on the counter and to arrive the next day and be served fresh gingersnaps.

That last definition supplied by John S. in a conversation last night with the guys at our house about verbifying nouns. I am pleased and humbled by his definition. You should expect, John, to be bethed soon with fresh ginger and coffee beans made into the best sandwich cookies ever.


the Olsons said...

Want to send some of those cookies this way? They sound delectable!

Jessica said...

what a delightful verbification! If I adjectivize it to bethy, bethish, or bethful, does that mean that the noun in question has recently been ginger and then turned into gingersnaps, or possessing a similar nature?

Beth said...

I knew you'd like this one! I'm not sure just how far the ginger/gingersnap part of the definition goes. That was John's example but it leaves me wondering if I could also "beth" someone by taking say fresh cilantro and turning it into salsa or fresh rosemary and turning it into rosemary shortbread. Is it herb related only or does it simply refer to taking an ingredient and turning it into something tasty - or then again, does the end result have to be a cookie? Hmmmm...I'm scratching my head, I don't know. Help!

GJ said...

I'm looking forward to benefiting from your bethery of these fine ingredients very soon. YAY for Coffee Beans and Ginger Snaps!

the Olsons said...

I don't think the end result has to be a cookie. I think it can simply refer to taking any ingredient and turning it into something tasty, particularly in a unique or unconventional way. :)

Anonymous said...


I have to assert my firm opposition to verbification. You won't hear me partnering, gifting, impacting or facebooking. However.... I'll make an exception for bething. :-) The gingersnaps sound absolutely yummy and I am grateful to have enjoyed the fruits of many occasions of bething!