Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catching up

We have had a full and wonderful last week. All the kids have been home and we have enjoyed special family times. Jonathan was here for a week and a half spring break and last weekend we had everyone here - Thomas home from Covenant and Erin and Luke down from NY and the foal! It's an all too rare occurrence - and it was sweet!

Of course, with all the visits I've had very little time to blog so this morning, I'm doing a little catching up...

Ski Day 2008
Last Tuesday we took our annual trip to Appalachian Ski Mountain. We arrived early in the morning to beautifully groomed snowy slopes practically devoid of skiiers. It was the first time since we've been making these yearly treks to AppSki that Jonathan has been home so it was his first downhill skiing experience. His three experienced brothers were excellent teachers and he was soon gliding down the longest slopes, with only a few falls here and there. There were so few people there on Tuesday that the boys never had to wait in line at a lift so they got in a very full day of skiing.

We love March skiing in NC - hatless shaved heads don't get cold...
unfortunately they do get sunburned!

Four Pinckney boys on a slope,
from top to bottom, left to right, Joel, Matthew, Jonathan, Andrew
for some reason this picture reminds me of an old Tintin comic book picture

Matthew prefers skiing without poles

Four handsome, happy young men at the end of a day of skiing

And what did the parents do? Well, since it was his birthday, I decided to forgo skiing this year so that I could spend the time with Coty. I also wanted to be able to walk the next day and since sadly my foot and hip have not been cooperating with my plan to be an athletic 50 year old, it seemed wise to stay off the slopes this year. Anyway, in the interest of birthday togetherness and physical preservation, we enjoyed relaxing in the restaurant overlooking the slopes. He read, I knitted. I read, he took pictures. We talked and picnicked on the lodge deck with the boys at noon. Altogether a peaceful and relaxing day.

The linen shawl nearing completion

Finally, after the slopes closed we headed down the mountain with our tired, hungry boys to a birthday dinner in Lenoir with our friends, Lillian and Leon, and their ever entertaining, active kids, Emma, John Thomas, and Garrett. After lasagna and eggplant parmesan, Coty graciously donned a T-rex birthday hat and Happy Birthday Boy button and sat in front of the Dora the Explorer birthday banner (thank you Goudas kids!) to blow out the candles on his cake...with help from Emma and John Thomas.

Oh, he's gonna make such a great grandpa!

A sleepy, full gang headed home later that evening. And that was last Tuesday.


Michaela said...

Very pretty shawl! I just started my Swallowtail yesterday. So far, so good.

Beth said...

It's such a simple feather and fan pattern. I've enjoyed knitting it and especially love the drape of this linen yarn but I'm ready to be finished and on to something else! What kind of yarn are you using for your Swallowtail?