Thursday, February 28, 2008

Resolution in Kenya, Violence in Cameroon

Today was a day of mixed news from the two African countries that we have called home. In Kenya a power sharing agreement was signed today between the rival parties. Violence is down and hope is high for peace and return to stability. Read more here.

Sadly, we received troubling news from two dear friends who are missionaries in Cameroon. One, a former colleague from the seminary where we taught, wrote of demonstrations and violence in his town, Kumba, in the aftermath of a nationwide strike called to protest the rising price of gas and other commodities. The demonstrations got out of hand and several people were shot and killed. All the shops in their town are closed because of looting and rioting. We also read of trouble in Bamenda where many of our missionary friends are gathered for their Field Education School week. Other areas of the country are still peaceful, but the situation is very tense and seems to be heating up. We are awaiting news from the northwestern part of the country where we lived and where Luke's parents still live.

Please pray with us for the country of Cameroon, for peace to return, for the leaders to be discerning and wise, and for the safety of dear loved ones, Cameroonian and American, who are in the middle of the turmoil.

To read more, go here and here.

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