Monday, February 18, 2008

Flowers inside and out

These are my lovely Valentine's lilies and tulips.

And below is my Meyer lemon tree, blooming like crazy in the dining area window. There must be 30 blossoms on this beauty. She has thrived in her sunny window home this winter. The buds, creamy white with lavender streaks are lovely. And the fragrance of the open blossoms.....mmmmm , sweet!

Heading outdoors.....Well! Some of the daffys are nodding their
happy heads above the oak leaves, glorious and bright.

Did someone say spring???!!! Shhh, not too loudly, for we're bound to get at least a dusting of snow before we can officially say that winter is over.


GJ said...

Looking at your photos, it's apparent that you have a great eye for design. I think that we'll have no problem creating beautiful art.

Amber Benton said...

I helped Jesse to make a bouquet of our Jonquils/Daffodils yesterday afternoon. I showed him how to cut them with his scissors to keep the stem really long and held a glass of water for him while he cut. Then we came in and trimmed them and arranged them in a bright red glass for the mantle. He then spent about 30 minutes making letters from the pieces of stems that he trimmed of the ends!

Mary said...

Daffodils!!!! No way! We still have several inches of snow in New York!

Joy said...

Our Meyer lemon has three tiny lemons growing. I'm interested to see if they actually survive to full size. Our orange tree has just one medium size orange.

Where did you keep your lemon this winter?

Beth said...

We had the Meyer lemon inside in the sunny south facing dining area window. It got LOTS of sun. I also pruned it way back before bringing it inside last fall and I think the pruning really helped. Hope we all get citrus!

Joy said...

We really need to learn how to prune our citus trees. I feel like they're surviving by the skin of their ... fruit.