Monday, January 28, 2008

You can vote more than once...

Continuing to do my part, as requested by sweet Matthew, to encourage you all to vote for his World Book video contest entry. You can vote for more than once, he tells me. In fact, you can vote numerous times each day if after you vote you simply close your browser, reopen it, and go back to this site,check Misinformed again, then scroll down and click CAST VOTE.

Thanks, all of you. I thank you...Matthew thanks you.


Anonymous said...

Does that seem like a fair way to determine who made the "best" video? Seems more like "whatever it takes to win".

Beth said...

Dear anonymous,
No, it's not a fair way to determine the best video. It obviously gives an advantage to the person or group who knows the most people that spend lots of time on their computers and who will vote often. That most likely, is not Matthew. As a family, we have talked about the problems with the way this contest is set up and how it could have been made better or more fair. Certainly it would be better if they either had a panel of judges to simply select a winner or set up their computer voting so that a person could only vote one time. But we didn't make the contest rules or design the voting procedure. Whether he wins or not, Matthew plans on writing to World Book to suggest ways to improve their contest procedure.

Having said all that, I want to help Matthew since I like his video and know that he would make excellent use of the contest prize.

You certainly don't have to vote more than once - or at all - if you feel it's not a fair procedure.

And by the way, would you mind signing your name in the future? Thanks.

wes mcmurray said...

Matthew's been getting many votes from me today!

Beth said...

Thanks, Wes!