Sunday, January 13, 2008


I love marmalade. Not the sweet kind. Oh, no! I love the real, tangy, sort of bitter, slivers of peel in it, eat on an English muffin with a cup of strong, fragrant Kenyan black tea kind of marmalade. The kind I had in Europe years ago, the kind you have to buy in a specialty shop or at least a nicer grocery store. I get it in my stocking every year for Christmas. This year I got two jars because I bought one to put in my stocking myself, just in case the guys forgot. I didn't want to be disappointed on Christmas morning when it was time for breakfast and we were all spreading the jam we got in out stockings on our fresh Christmas morning bread. You know, Erin wasn't here for Christmas and she's usually the one who buys my marmalade, so I just figured to be safe I'd get it to put in my stocking, just in case. But I needn't have worried. The guys did remember so I got two jars. And yes, they know I bought my own marmalade and gave it to myself for Christmas. Sometimes when you live with a husband and five sons, you just have to do that.

Anyway today, I got a third one. My friend, Lori, who knows I love marmalade gave me a late Christmas present and hooray, she gave me a jar of marmalade, just like she did last year. There is something wonderful to be said for consistency in gift giving. I used to give my dad soap-on-a-rope every year for Christmas. I think one time he said he liked it, so for the next ten years or so, he got soap-on-a-rope. He always seemed happy, if not surprised. And that's how I feel about marmalade. I don't mind if I'm not surprised. Marmalade, as a gift, will always make me happy.

But now I have a decision to make. Do I put my new jar of marmalade away for a couple of months, since I've been enjoying good marmalade since Christmas? You know, when you really enjoy something, you don't want it all the time. If you do have it all the time, it doesn't seem quite as special. So, I have to decide whether or not to put my marmalade away and save it for later. Hmmmm??? I'll probably put it away, maybe in an odd place, maybe in the bin with my summer clothes, and then try and forget about it so that a couple of months from now when I pull out the shorts and tank tops, I'll find it and it will be a fun surprise.

If you're still with me and haven't tired of marmalade, maybe you will enjoy this post on Yarnstorm with lovely pictures of marmalade socks. I like the socks, though I don't wear orange and I'd break my ankle in such shoes. Still, fun to look at.

If I ever have an orange tabby cat, I will name it Marmalade. But I'm partial to gray tabbies, and Madison, the greatest cat in the world, is still with us. So, that may never happen.

OK, nighty night. Maybe I'll contemplate writing something more serious tomorrow after I've had my coffee and bagel with...marmalade.


Amber Benton said...

The socks, well, yeah...

The shoes.... ummmm.... NO!!

I can live without marmelade, but I sure am glad you and Bonnie introduced me to lemon curd :)

Beth said...

Oooooh, lemon curd. Haven't had any of that in a looong time. Another wonderful British tea time treat!